Hound Academy

    There are many factors that determine the right fit school for you. From starting your college search to athletic recruiting; building your resume, writing your essay, and making your application standout; to learning best practices during a college interview, join Assumption University for Hound Academy - a series of free, virtual, college-prep workshops designed to guide you through the college search, application, and financial aid process

    Hound Academy: Starting Your College Search
    Join Assumption Admissions for a presentation on starting your college search, researching schools virtually, and discussing how to begin narrowing your list. You'll then ask questions to our panel of current Greyhounds during a live Q&A. 

    Hound Academy: Building Your Resume & Writing Your Essay
    Join us for an informative discussion on building your resume and writing your essay. During the workshop, you will learn more about marketing your achievements, choosing the right essay topic for you, and preparing an application that stands out.

    Hound Academy: Interviewing 101
    Learn the dos and don'ts of the college interview. During this session, you will hear best practices, learn how to prepare for your interview, and have a practice interview with a member of the admission team.

    Hound Academy: Athletic Recruiting
    Join Assumption Admissions for this virtual session where you will learn about athletic recruiting. Admission professionals and current students will discuss what to expect as a student athlete, what the recruiting process is, and ways to explore athletics at the college level.

    Hound Academy: Completing the Common Application
    Join Assumption Admissions for an informative virtual discussion on completing the Common Application which can be used to apply to many different schools. Admission professionals will discuss dos and don'ts as well as tips to successfully complete your application.

    Hound Academy: Making Your Application Standout
    Assumption Admissions invites you to this virtual session where you will discuss how to not only successfully complete your application, but how to use tools to differentiate your application from others - especially when applying to specific programs.

    Hound Academy: Financial Aid 101
    Join Assumption Admissions for this virtual presentation as you learn about financial aid. Discuss financial aid at Assumption University, how to apply for financial aid as well as the many different types of financial aid.

    Hound Academy: Ensuring the Right Fit for You
    Join admissions professionals for this virtual session on the importance of finding a school that is the right fit for you. Discuss what factors are important to you in your college search as well as what will make you successful and happy in your future.

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